About Ahmed S. Al-Harthy

My interest in photography started in 2003, where my first semiprofessional camera was bought. It was then when i realized the phenomenal nature that i was surrounded by, a country ever filled with natural beauty and greenery.  My passion grew stronger and the need to explore more of what Mother Nature had to offer, lead me to go another step further where my journey began. A series of trips to far-flung locations in Oman, Fully equipped with Camera always in my hand resulted in an ever growing library of adventures and a deeper passion in exploring what can still lie behind the lens.

At the beginning of 2010, I started social networking and was surprised when I received my first request for a print from a complete stranger who had stumbled upon my web site. Thus, a serious hobby began to transform into a business which kept me updated in the latest technicalities of photography and the never ending search for the latest modern tools.  

After successfully marketing my photography locally in Oman, I won my first competition in the 2010 Ministry of Tourism. The picture shot was about landscaping where my main focus was to capture images for others to appreciate natural beauty through the eyes of a professional photographer. Over the years, I have seen and explored the exquisiteness that lies within my own country and finally realized that it was time to share these shots with everyone to appreciate what we take for granted and forget to see. My love and passion for landscaping led me to start expanding my interest in the world of photography to explore new areas where new potential and opportunities may exist. I started covering major events which I believe are my footsteps to the path I seek.